Medical X-ray film AX

Medical X-ray film AX

Fumingwei x-ray film blue sensitive is a wide latitude film with medium contrast for use with blue-emitting intensifying screens. This universal type film with a wide tonal range is used for all types of diagnostic applications. Fumingwei x-ray film especially the best for the chest. Fumingwei x-ray film is well suited for general radigraphy. Fumingwei x-ray films gives excellent reproduction of soft tissue and bone structure on the same image.


It is high speed, low fog, and very high resolution radiographs. Processing is accomplished in 45s and longer cycle automatic processors, or manually. This is conventional screen-film should only be used in combination with x-ray screens, and the final image density of the processed film depends on the exposure and processing conditions.


     High Quality Diagnostic Radiographs    

Fumingwei x-ray film blue sensitive requires very minimal exposure, produces radiographs whose extremely sharp, wide latitude adds to the ease and accuracy of diagnosis.


     Blue Tinted images    

Fumingwei x-ray film blue sensitive provides blue tinted images for extra clarity and easier diagnosis.


    Cnosistent Image Quality    

Fully compatible with either automatic or manual processing, our films ensures consisten photographic quality with no roller marks, drying marks or other imperfections.


    Easy Film Handling    

It is highly resistant to pressure marks and scratches, and has outstanding anti-static properties, it is designed to be used easily with all types of film handling systems.


Fumingwei x-ray film base material is a blue-tinted 175μm polyester with an emulsion layer thickness of about 5μm.






Use a safelight filter (dark red) in a suitable safelight lamp equipped with a 15-watt bulb. Keep the film at least 4 feet (1.2 meters) from the safelight, and the total lighting time is in 10 minutes...

    Film Processing:    

This film is designed for 90-seconds automated processing or manual processing.

The former is recommended with any kinds of film processor, developing at 30-35 in 23s.

Usage of the Intensifying Screen:

Can be matched with FUJI intensifying screen or the screen of the other same system which matches the blue sensitive x-ray.


Store in a cool, dry place (The suitable temperature is 10-20oc, the humidity is 30%RH-60%RH). Keep it away from dampness, high temperature, any bad effective gases, x-ray, gamma ray or any other penetrating rays.

Stored vertically to avoid any harmful effect caused by pressure


it is recommended that this film be kept in a sealed  plastic bag.

The best conditions of usage should be: Temperature: 10-234, humidity:40%RH-60%RH.


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