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Industrial Radiographic Film IXQ100HD

   Brief description:  

 *  IXQ100HD is a kind of Industrial radiography films; raw films is original Fuji jumbo roll, cut and pack in China,  it is used in Non Destructive Testing to object by using x-ray or gamma ray.

 *  IXQ 100HD is an ideal and wide applied with its characteristics as high sensitivity, high contrast, high clarity and utmost meticulous texture; 


  IXQ 100HD have small granularity, have high detection rate of defect. The coating is evenly distributed. All the lots are stable. Final user can get stable and excellent image without adjusting the exposure condition for different lots.  

* According to EN-584-1 standard,  IXQ 100HD accord with C5 category;

* According to ASTM E1815-96 standard,  IXQ 100HD  accord with II category

* According to GB/T 19348.1 standard,  IXQ 100HD accord with T3 category

* According to ISO 11699-1 standard,  IXQ100HD accord with C5 category



   Application field:   

* IXQ 100HD  can be used to take X-ray image for medium light metal or thin-wall steels /products, under low voltage. If under high voltage, it is suitable to conduct detection for medium light metal or thin-wall steels.

IXQ 100HD  is suitable to detect thick-wall and high density steels /products through high-energy Gamma ray.


     Application Objects:  

Metal, Castings, welding,Aircraft Industries, Electron component, Nuclear industry, Pipeline, Concrete


    Film base

 IXQ 100HD is made under stable-size grain blue PET base, the thickness is 0.175mm.


   Darkroom lighting   


 IXQ 100HD should be operated under indirect safelight lamp (wavelength>520nm).

Intensity of the light bulb should less than 15W. and place it at least 150cm distance between the reflecting surface and films, or use LED light (wavelength 660nm—590nm)


l IXQ 100HD is suitable for both of automatic and manual developing.

l Manual (developing time 5 minutes, temperature 20℃)

 (fixing time 5-10 minutes, temperature 18-22℃)

Automatic(8-10 minutes, temperature 25℃)


*  IXQ 100HD also can be developed by other brand chemicals



Size                      Box Unit                 box/carton

8cmx30cm                100sheet/box             10

8cmx36cm                100sheet/box             10

7cmx305m                1 roll                     2 rolls

8cmx305m                1 roll                     2 rolls

12x15in                   100sheet/box             4   

14x17in                   100sheet/box             4

     Storage of exposed films  

Manufacturer guarantees the storage time for permanent film as 50 years, but should observe follow term:

* Films should be developed cleanly and with best photographic fixing.

* Films should be stored under the relative humidity condition between 40%--60% and away from harmful gas.


     Storage for unexposed films  


Unexposed  series films should be stored into original light-tight package and in dry place, low temperature as much as possible, keep away from aggressive steam & gas, harmful gas and any other ionizing radiation.

The ideal storage temperature should be 10℃--24℃, Air humidity 40%--60%.



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